On The Move Dress

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The smock textured on this dress let’s you twist and bend to the movement of your life. It molds to you while keeping its shape. It reminds you of the strength you have within you. It makes you want to stand up straight with the little extra ruffle that gives your shoulders room to breathe at the top. The sleeves are loose till the wrist where there is a fun, flare with a stretchy band. It’s not tight but just right and will stay in place if you need to roll your sleeves up so you can be all in...whatever that may be for you. The balance of this dress design hits right at the waist to help accentuate how badass it is to be female! It’s Strong and bendable at the top and light, breathable and flowy on the bottom for movement. Your hips that you constantly try and shrink are celebrated here instead. This dress gives you that room to move those hips without judgement. Hips are made for moving you babe! Ask Shakira.  All in all this dress is just for you. Happy celebrating today! 

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