14K gold-filled + sterling silver


Darling daylight offers permanent, clasp free, jewelry that is custom-fit to your wrist, neck, finger or ankle. Our process is easy, and painless. We use what is called a premium locking jump ring during our process. You will hear a small click and that’s it!


all the questions about your permanent jewelry

how long does the process take?

The process is fairly quick! It takes about 10-15 minutes to get sized and locked in once you have picked your chain and checked out.

what material is it?

14k gold filled and 925 sterling silver

can I bring my own chain?

We only allow chains that have been sold and purchased at Darling daylight.

airport and surgery?

Yes! You can wear your fine jewelry through TSA. However, if you need an MRI, you’ll likely be asked to remove your jewelry. You can use scissors to cut your chain.

what if I change my mind?

Once your jewelry is sized and cut, the sale is final.

can my child get linked?

With parental consent and an adult present they absolutely can.

does it hurt?

Nope! t’s a safe and simple process. We use what is called a locking jump ring. Once you hear it click you are locked in.

is there a warranty?

Yes, one year from purchase date! Please just bring your old chain back to us and we will get you relinked!

how much does it cost?


why don't you weld?

please note we have both researched and tried the welding technique and locking jump rings. If you choose to get your jewels with us, Darling daylight believes that locking jump rings will be the best fit for you.

We do weld on the gems because we think it looks a little cuter without the extra jump rings attached.

book a private pop up

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