(A) 6.5 symbol necklace


your symbols must match the number you selected in box 1. I will only create up to the number of disc you paid for. The order you select your symbols will be the way they are layered.
Would you like your symbols in a certain order?

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Does a certain symbol hold a meaning for you? Find one you can hold close to your heart.  If you don't see a symbol that matches your stride - message the live chat to see if we can get a certain symbol for you!

yes, you can add multiple disc(s) to your necklace! The site will walk you through the steps. Your initials will be layered side by side for a dainty yet delicate look. 

If you are looking for our stagger necklace look no further -  stagger necklace

Please note these take up to 1-2 weeks to create. 

letter A from pop up events - 6.5mm disc - 14k gold filled